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Creating A Life of Old

creating a life of old
  I don't know where it started...Was it when the heavy traffic was starting to bother me? How about when I started watching big corporations take over the world and the media? Was it when we started expecting text messages over hearing someone's voice on the other end of the phone. When it became obvious to buy and listen to E-books instead of visiting the library or borrowing a book from a friend. 
  But it happened. I became so frustrated with modern day society and adjusting to it, that I decided to put my foot down. Now of course, I am no pioneer woman. I am just completely fascinated by the workings of woman of our history.
I don't know if this is you too, but whenever I am driving down streets of houses that all look the same and cars that lack luster I am incredibly stricken bored of it all. There is something so charming about old homes with wrap around porches, the paint so old that it's barely hanging on. 
 thus I have promised myself a li…

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